Free and easy crafts for kids. Use these fun and safe painting ideas that are suitable for preschool children and toddler crafts.

Painting is a playful way to encourage creativity in children.


Easy Crafts for Kids Ideas Using Paint

These ideas are a source of inspiration for kids crafts and painting fun.

Choose and adapt them to suit your children and their interests, abilities and level of skill.

Remember, the end result is not important. What is important is the creative process. Children learn through play…so let’s have some fun!!

Brush Painting - Toddlers and PreschoolersBrush Painting

Art and craft ideas for kids using paint and brushes.

Roller Painting - Toddlers and PreschoolersRoller Painting

Painting art and craft ideas for kids using paint rollers.

Spray Painting - Toddlers and PreschoolersSpray Painting

Information on acrylic paint for kids arts and crafts including fun ideas and easy painting crafts for kids…

Stamping Art and Craft Ideas for Kids - Toddlers and PreschoolersPaint Stamping

Fun stamping art and craft ideas for kids using a variety of objects…

Brush Painting

This is usually the “normal” way to paint – with traditional brushes.

And while it can be lots of fun – it should not be the only way.

Try a combination of various types of brushes to add different strokes and interesting affects.

Try some – or all – of the following brushes and materials:

  • used toothbrushes
  • old make up brushes
  • cotton swabs or q-tips
  • cotton balls
  • make up removing pads
  • sponge brushes
  • old dish brushes or bottle brushes
  • large wide-flat brushes or house brushes

Have a look around the house for any other brush-like item your kids can try.

Roller Painting

Roller painting is fun way for toddlers and preschoolers to experiment with different painting tools.

Paint rollers are cheap to buy. They can be purchased from discount stores or art supplies outlets.

They are usually made of foam, and come in different sizes – commonly sold in packs of various sizes.

Roller painting is perfect for stenciling – or painting over objects to achieve interesting prints.

It’s great for preschool kids creating craft projects that require large backgrounds.

Roller painting is also good for painting on fabrics.

Paper aside, let your child try various other materials to paint on such as:

  • Corrugated plastic or corriboard / corflute – for example old real estate for sale signs
  • sheet of plastic or disposable plastic table cloth or even an old vinyl table cloth
  • old or cheap tarpaulin or tarp
  • lino or vinyl (floor covering) off cuts
  • contact paper – stick down onto a flat surface
  • old bed sheets or other material such as cheap block out curtain backing
  • wood – such as a washable wooden table top
  • glass – such as washable window or glass door
  • canvas – or pre-made canvas frames
  • Click here for fun roller painting ideas.

Spray Painting

Spray painting is so much fun for children, and they love it because it’s a different form of painting.

It is such a cheap art and craft activity, and the only thing you really need is a spray bottle and some water – paint and paper is a bonus.

Try various types of spray bottles – such as different recycled general household spray bottles that have had safe contents in it. Wash thoroughly and keep them for painting.

Cheap all-purpose spray bottles can be purchased from discount stores with adjustable nozzles. Adjusting the nozzle during painting results in interesting affects.

Spray painting is best done outdoors – as it can get messy. Kids, including everything around them will get wet!

Simply fill a spray bottle with water and let you child “paint” the sidewalk, outside of the house, trees, grass and even the family dog – it will keep them busy for ages.

For spray painting with paint, the best surfaces to paint on are material and blotting paper.

Paint Stamping Art and Craft Ideas

Paint stamping is basically using any object and paint to make interesting prints on paper or other surfaces.

This can be such a creative art activity, and kids are only limited by their imagination.

The looking for, and collection of items to paint with can be just as much – if not more – fun than the paint stamping itself.

Acrylic paint, poster paint and tempera paint can all be used for paint stamping, or make your own paint at home for a fraction of the price.

Try a combination of items to paint stamp with for a variety of different prints, shapes and interesting affects.

Here are a few suggestions of items to try:

  • bottle tops
  • rocks
  • plastic or paper cups
  • baby food jar lids
  • old dried up stamps
  • toilet paper rolls
  • old safe kitchen utensils such as a potato masher
  • plastic forks
  • packing peanuts or beads

Have a look around the house for any other interesting items that your child can try stamping with.